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Sweet December December 3, 2011

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December 1st marked Sweet December, a traditional day celebrated by Burmese and Karen Christians. This day marks the turning of our attention to Jesus Christ in preparation for the celebration of his birth.  As it was told to me, this is a time to reflect and give ourselves completely to the Lord. Of course, no celebration is complete without food and plenty of it. On Thursday the interpreter for our jewelry class brought a number of dishes for our lunch.  She explained that the tradition begins at midnight with prayer giving thanks for Jesus’ sacrifice for us followed later by a meal.

That evening I was able to fellowship with a group of missionaries from the Phillipines that have a school and house Burmese and Karen boys and girls. They brought Adobo – a chicken and rice dish and Senigal soup made with spare ribs and vegetables (not sure of spellings) and in the words of Joy an “experiment cake” that was delicious (it reminded me of Pineapple Upsidedown Cake). I made broccolli and cornbread (which they had never had).  It was great sharing all around.

Fellowship at my apartment with women from Elpis

In addition, this time is the start of caroling season performed by children from many of the local churches.  What a wonderful treat.  Last night the girls from Faith Haus came to sing about Jesus to me and my neighbors.  It was so uplifting.  One of my neighbors called out from her window and asked the children if they could continue singing and she ran down to hear them sing a few more songs then she sang a song to us.

What a beautiful tradition.  I think I’ll take this one back to America.

Merry Christmas,




One Response to “Sweet December”

  1. Fatima Says:

    Sweet December – HOW AWESOME IS THAT – celebrating Jesus and His loving sacrifice for us! And yummy food, and caroling! That’s what it’s about!! 😉 I think I saw the carolers video you posted on FB – was beautiful. 😉 And where is “Karen” ? That sounds like a ‘country’ nearby? You mentioned it a few places….. just curious.

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